The iPhone XR officially became available to preorder this morning, Oct. 19. While it hasn’t begun shipping out to consumers yet, a handful of early reviewers got the chance to go hands-on with the upcoming device.

To be clear, these aren’t in-depth reviews, so certain points like battery life weren’t thoroughly tested. But the latest hands-on videos from reviewers do reveal a few key points about the iPhone XR. Continue reading to learn what early reviewers are saying about the iPhone XR.

5. The XR Offers a Solid iPhone XS-like Experience
You may be hard-pressed to tell the general difference between the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS devices when it comes to real-world functionality.

On the iPhone XR’s design, the bezels are slightly bigger and the frame is aluminum instead of stainless steel.

But when you get down to the actual “modern iPhone” experience, the iPhone XR is neck-in-neck with its wireless charging, Face ID and Animoji, gesture-based controls, and A12 Bionic chip. (Not to mention that the iPhone XR has the best battery life of any iPhone ever.)

4. The XR Can Mimic XS’ Dual-Lens Camera
One of the most notable differences between the iPhone XR and its OLED counterparts is the lack of a dual-lens camera setup. The iPhone XR also lacks optical zoom, stage-light modes and rear-camera portrait mode.

While it doesn’t have a dual-lens camera, it uses computational photography to mimic the Portrait Mode seen on the iPhone XS and XS Max. Despite the tradeoffs, the general image and video quality of the iPhone XR is also going to be top-notch and noticeably better than previous iPhones.

3. The XR’s LCD Display Looks Great
The iPhone XR has the same pixel density as past non-Plus model iPhones. You can’t stream 1080p video, but in other instances, your eye probably won’t be able to tell the difference. Apple’s LCD display tech has always been great, and the iPhone XR’s Liquid Retina is no different.

Most of the early reviews concluded that the iPhone XR’s display is still a clear step up from the previous LCD displays seen on older iPhone models. Similarly, the reduced resolution of the iPhone XR’s screen is likely a key reason why its battery life is so great.

2. It’s Cheaper (Obviously)
When comparing the iPhone XR to its OLED stablemates, it’s hard to separate the device from one of its main selling points: its price. That’s a common theme highlighted throughout all of the early hands-on videos and reviews. Put simply, the iPhone XR provides an experience remarkably similar to the iPhone XS and XS Max, which we’ll get into specifically in later slides. But it’s about $250 cheaper.

1. The Colors Are A Lot of Fun
Apple’s metallic iPhone colors are classy and understated. You won’t get that with the iPhone XR. But you will get something else: fun new colors that you can express yourself with. This is a strategy that Apple hasn’t delved into since the iPhone 5c lineup.

The company is even releasing a set of clear cases so that users can show off the new colors of their iPhone XR devices while keeping them protected. If you’re not into bright colors for your daily driver, there’s a white and black model to suit your needs.