1. Facebook is a huge time-suck

    Facebook is a huge time-suck. It's a lot of work, keeping your profile alive by updating statuses, liking people's photos and wishing everyone you went to high school with a happy birthday! But you can make your Facebook life easier, and way more efficient, by activating a few key IFTTT recipes. IFT…Read More

  2. How to Auto-Pilot Your Social Media To Save Time.

    Keeping up with social media -- even if you use only the big three (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) -- can be very hard. In fact, you might find yourself spending so much time liking people's statuses, tweeting your every move and Instagramming your meals that your actual social life is hurting. An…Read More

  3. How to Block a Number on the iPhone

    One of the most irritating situations to be in as a smartphone owner is to get calls or text messages from an unwanted number. Previously, there was no way to block phone numbers on the iPhone. However, with the release of iOS 7 in 2013 and continuing at this point with iOS 8, it is possible to do t…Read More