1. It’s almost summer. Is your iPhone ready?

    It's almost summer. Is your iPhone ready? We can finally shake off the chilly blahs and break out the short pants and sandals. Of course, that also means we aren’t sporting our big coats/jackets with all those nifty pockets either. And that means some of us don’t have any secure place to stash o…Read More

  2. Tips on Getting your Gadgets Ready for Summer

    Summer weather is on its way, which means it's time to hit the beach—but if you've started doing all your reading on gadgets like a tablet or ereader, you may need to make a few adjustments before you take them on your surfin' safari. Avoid travel woes with these handy how-to's and tips to keep yo…Read More

  3. Could Samsung Beat Apple’s FaceTime with This 3D Video Tech?

    Apple’s Face ID, Animoji, and TrueDepth camera are years ahead of other 3D imaging systems on the market, but that didn’t stop the company’s closest competitor, Samsung, from employing a watered-down variation of it dubbed 3D Emoji on the Galaxy S9 and S9+. And while Samsung tried (and failed,…Read More

  4. 10 Secrets to Better Smartphone Battery Life

    Never dead again: Boost your smartphone battery life—whether it's an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry—with these easy tips. 10. Beware of location services Many apps on iPhone and Android use "location services" to, say, tag status updates with GPS data ("We're at Disney World!") or find good deal…Read More

  5. Apple Unveils New Ways to Tackle Tech Dangers Posed to Children

    Apple has launched a new website where parents can get advice about ways they can keep their children safe when using technology. Launched on Thursday, the Families website is aimed at helping parents keep an eye on the apps and content that their children come across on Apple devices. The tech gian…Read More

  6. Analyst: Lifespan of Apple Products Average 2x Longer Than Android

    The average lifespan of an Apple product is just over four years which is roughly twice as long as Android devices, according to new research published by a researcher for analytics firm Asymco. Analyst Horace Dediu proposed that knowing how many active Apple devices there are, as well as the cumula…Read More

  7. How to Replace Your Battery and Speed up Your iPhone

    Apple officially admitted to slowing down older iPhones this week — but not for the reason you might think. While iOS does have a measure within it that throttles device performance when their batteries age, “Powerd” is meant to prevent your device from randomly shutting down or catching on fi…Read More

  8. The iPhone Battery Slowdown Controversy

    As it goes with technology, dated devices tend to lack the speed and competency they were once equipped with. When performance lags, customers usually opt to upgrade to the latest model, especially when it comes to frequently used devices like smartphones. But when it was discovered last month that …Read More