1. Keeping Your Phone Working All Summer Long

    Finally, The time we've waited for so very patiently is finally within grasp. Summer. The season of outdoor adventures, beach trips, lake excursions and frosty beers and tall fruity cocktails. There exists a hidden danger among all this frivolity and fun however: the risks of a shortened lifespan fo…Read More

  2. Tips for Politely Using Your Cell Phone Anywhere

    In an effort to expand upon our last post where we discussed the basic etiquette rules of public cell phone use, we thought we should discuss where it really is okay to use a cell phone without getting too many nasty looks. Whether it’s texting, talking or taking selfies, the use of your cell phon…Read More

  3. Cell Phone Etiquette: How to Not be a Bonehead

    There are few instances of more irritating behavior than when the bonehead sitting behind you in the movie theater decides he just needs to send that text or, worse, answer that phone call. Lately, cell phone usage has seemed to swelled into a monster of etiquette fails that makes us cringe in disgu…Read More

  4. Using Your Cell Phone During an Emergency

    There are few times where a cell phone is more needed than during an emergency. No, not the “I can’t find my car keys” type of “emergency”. We mean natural disaster or personal tragedy types of emergencies that make your cell phone a beacon of hope or an instrument of survival. But all cel…Read More

  5. How to Block Your Phone from Hackers

    Cracked screens and water damage aren’t the worst thing that could happen to your cell phone. Unfortunately, in today’s world, your cell phone is always vulnerable to hackers. Whatever business or activity that you conduct on your cell phone, you’ve probably assumed that it was secure. But whe…Read More

  6. Ingenious Uses of Your Cell Phone Camera

    The Selfie Generation would be quick to extol the many advantages of having quick and easy access to a camera at all times of the day; it’s just second nature for many young Americans to use their camera as much, if not more, than the phone itself. But we’re willing to bet that even the teens an…Read More

  7. How to Block a Number on the iPhone

    One of the most irritating situations to be in as a smartphone owner is to get calls or text messages from an unwanted number. Previously, there was no way to block phone numbers on the iPhone. However, with the release of iOS 7 in 2013 and continuing at this point with iOS 8, it is possible to do t…Read More