Apple has launched a new website where parents can get advice about ways they can keep their children safe when using technology.

Launched on Thursday, the Families website is aimed at helping parents keep an eye on the apps and content that their children come across on Apple devices.

The tech giant believes that devices such as the iPhone and iPad are some of the “the most powerful tools ever made for learning, exploring, and staying in touch”.

However, they can also be dangerous, and to promote internet safety, Apple explains that it’s developing “new features to help make sure kids use them in the ways you want.”

Through the website, parents and guardians can discover features such as a dedicated children’s category in the App Store, where children can download age-suitable content.

“The Kids section is carefully curated to be a great space for children. And we review every app to make sure it does what it says it does,” explains the website.

There are also a plethora of age restriction options. Apple says: “You can also tap an age range and, just like that, your kids can buy or download only apps appropriate for them — including curated recommendations.”

Parents can make use of internet safety features, too. “You can set up your kids’ devices to limit adult content or open only websites that you select. You can also install special web browsers that are designed to display kid-friendly content and nothing else,” writes Apple.

And with Find My iPhone, parents can track their children 24/7 to ensure they’re always safe. The latter can be used for other family members and doesn’t have any age restrictions.

“Even when everyone in the family is somewhere different — in school, at a friend’s house, driving to practice, shopping at the mall — iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch give parents the information they need to stay cool, calm, and connected,” according to Apple.

The news comes as Apple continues to face pressure from parents, activists, researchers, politicians and investors about the negative effects mobile devices are having on children’s health.

At the start of the year, Jana Partners – which owns a significant amount of Apple stock – joined forces with teacher pension organisation CalSTRS to pressure the tech firm on these worries.

In a letter, they called on Apple to do more to educate families and children about the dangers posed by technology. The website is likely a response to this.

“There is a developing consensus around the world including Silicon Valley that the potential long-term consequences of new technologies need to be factored in at the outset, and no company can outsource that responsibility,” said the stakeholders.

“Apple can play a defining role in signaling to the industry that paying special attention to the health and development of the next generation is both good business and the right thing to do.”