There are few instances of more irritating behavior than when the bonehead sitting behind you in the movie theater decides he just needs to send that text or, worse, answer that phone call. Lately, cell phone usage has seemed to swelled into a monster of etiquette fails that makes us cringe in disgust when we encounter them. But are you guilty of them too? Check out our list of cell phone etiquette rules that you should always keep in mind when using your cell phone in public.

  • Never use your phone in areas where the expectation is for silence; i.e., theaters, churches, libraries and the like.
  • Refrain from using your cell phone while dining at a restaurant.
  • Keep your voice at soft levels and temper your emotions while on the phone in public areas.
  • Do not text during class sessions or business meetings.
  • Never make the mistake of ignoring those whom you are with in person by favoring your phone conversation. It’s exceedingly rude.
  • Resist the urge to text someone else while socializing with others. Again, it relays the message that you have something better to do and there is someone you’d rather do it with.
  • If you share an open work space at the office, do not engage in personal phone conversations where all can hear. Remove yourself from the area when needing to engage in personal phone matters.

As cell phone repair experts in Peoria, we fortunately avoid the rude cell phone habits simply because, generally speaking, our customers’ phones aren’t usually working when they visit. Hence, the repair. Regardless, when your phone is working, try to consider those around you and avoid being the rude bonehead that doesn’t understand how to correctly use their phone.