At uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, in Peoria, we want your cell phone running smoothly and efficiently for you. When you happen to drop your phone in some type of liquid, panic usually ensues. Dropping your phone in the snow, spilling a glass of water on it, or the worst of the worst; dropping it in the toilet are all events we don’t wish upon your cell phone. If your cell phone has come in contact with liquid and isn’t working, come to our cell phone repair in Peoria where the experts on water damage are waiting.

Most people think that dunking the phone in rice will soak up the moisture and your phone will be good as new. We are here to put those famous cell phone myths to bed.

Myth: Putting Cell Phone in Rice Can Save It

Many people have heard this myth and unfortunately, it is exactly that. When your phone absorbs moisture, rice seems like a good option because it also absorbs liquid and expands. Well, rice will absorb some of the water, but not much. Additionally, the way rice is packaged is not beneficial to your phone because of all the dust that can get into the cracks and compromise your phone even more.

Myth: Anything Absorbent Will Work

Many people who believe this myth may try anything they believe to soak up liquid, such as cat litter, oatmeal, chia seeds, and silica gel. While these materials do absorb liquid, they won’t be capable of absorbing all of it and these materials do more damage than good. Cat litter can scratch your screen and other things like oatmeal and chia seeds can get stuck in the cracks of your cell phone.

Myth: You Have to Fully Submerge Your Phone in Liquid to Be Damaged.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot less water to earn a repair for your cell phone. We have seen water damage caused by a little rain or some water spilled during a cooking incident. The damage isn’t dependent on the amount of water but where it went. If even the slightest bit of water gets into the wrong places you have an issue.

We have seen all types of water damage and home remedies. Don’t try to fix your cell phone yourself, come to the experts. If your phone has experienced water damaged, come to our cell phone repair in Peoria, today!