Think your grandma doesn’t “get it” when it comes to smartphones? Think again. Seniors are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to both the internet and smartphones. It is estimated that by next year, about half of those over the age of 65 will own a smartphone.

With smartphone ownership on the rise among seniors in the United States, concern over their digital safety has also risen. Although seniors are becoming increasingly tech savvy, they still remain the target of many scammers who use phone technology to access personal and financial information.

As Peoria’s preferred cell phone repair service, we offer you our best tips for smartphone security:

  • Set your passwords – A password that is hard to figure out is the first line of defense against hacking and uninvited use. Furthermore, passwords should vary for each account you access from your smartphone. If a criminal has figured out your phone password, they’ll likely try the same to access more accounts. Change them up and never use “password” or “1234” as a code to your cell phone.
  • Let your phone do some of the work for you – They don’t call it a smart phone for nothing. Your phone comes equipped with security features that you should enable as soon as you start using your new phone. Secure your phone by setting a PIN or pattern to lock out thieves.
  • Have a backup plan – Don’t leave your precious pictures or important data vulnerable to loss or damage. Do what you can to backup your data to an outside device in order to protect the future access of your information and to help your phone operate better.
  • Beware of apps – Where they can be fun and convenient, some apps are programmed to access your personal information in ways that some would deem an invasion of privacy. But if you don’t read the terms and conditions before downloading, you’re actually agreeing to their tactics, giving them full reign to your personal data. Be very careful when adding apps to your smart phone.
  • Protect the phone itself – In essence, you are carrying around a tiny computer. As such, they are very expensive to replace. Make sure to mitigate the damage you may cause by dropping it or spilling on it by getting a case for it. Don’t cheap out here. Get one that is proven to be both impact and moisture resistant.