When we look at cell phones, more specifically smartphones, we relish in all that we can accomplish from such a tiny device. Things such as texting, making calls, writing emails, playing games, Face Timing, and taking photos make us forget the times of the flip phone or no cell phone at all. Cell phones 10-15 years ago had really one function: To make a call. Now, our cell phones are basically mini computers that are capable of many tasks. Which means there are more things to break than ever before.

Cell Phone Repair in Peoria should be your only solution for getting your cell phone back up to its full potential. We wanted to go over the most common ways a cell phone gets broken these days. From a cracked screen to broken buttons, there are the things to look out for.

Cracking the screen.

You just dropped your phone one too many times. Or you are always so careful and then that one time, it just shatters, like your heart. Don’t panic. This is more common than you think, which is why we have made it easy to fix, with our cell phone repair in Peoria. As time goes on, manufacturers would like to produce cell phones with thicker and more durable screens, but until that time comes, we can help.

Keeping a charge

So, your phone won’t charge even though it’s been plugged in all night? There could be damage to your charging point that may need attention. The port could have particles or water damage. This can cause the charging wire not to fit properly anymore, so it won’t stay in place and not be able to properly charge your phone. We can get you all fixed up at uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, in Peoria.


When your spacebar doesn’t work, or your home button isn’t taking you to that very place, this can be extremely frustrating. Not having properly functioning buttons inhibit our ability to use texting as communication, browse the internet, and ultimately make a phone call. If this is something that’s reoccurring in your phone, contact us. We can diagnose what’s wrong and make sure your phone is working as well as it should be.

Water Damage

Hopefully, you haven’t had the moment of dropping your phone into a decent amount of liquid substance, and if you have, we are sorry. It’s always an unsettling feeling to know that you may have ruined your phone because you made a mistake. Always try to get the liquid and moisture out as fast as possible; this is what damages the internal parts. Come see our cell phone repair team if this has happened to you.


Damaging the speakers can be due to a bunch of issues. Dropping your phone may scramble the internal parts and damage it in more ways than one. Ironically enough, also keeping your volume up too high can prohibit the speakers from working. You would need to come to the professionals to get it properly fixed.

If you are dealing with any of these cell phone repair issues, uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, in Peoria is the place to get your phone good as new. We have the experts and customer service specialists to make sure your cell phone repair experience is a professional and pleasant one.