Our cell phones help our world go round. Cell phones are the way we connect, research, schedule, and play Candy Crush. However, what if one day you wake up to the horrible and tragic message flashing across your screen “Storage Almost Full.” You can manage your storage in settings.”

Knowing your iPhone is almost full, you may begin to panic. You can’t delete those pictures of Big Ben, your favorite music albums, and you certainly can’t delete Candy Crush, you’ve made it level 120 and counting! uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, in Peoria knows how upsetting this may be for you to process. We want to give you some tips on how you can possibly free up your data. If these tricks don’t work, always come see us in Peoria. We are your cell phone repair masters, and can help fix your cell phone and hopefully stop the message of sadness going across your screen.

Ways to Manage Your Data for Your Cell Phone

Delete Apps

First, and the most obvious is to go in and delete things you know you will never use or need. If you are a digital pack-rat like the rest of us, this step is easier said than done. Be diligent. You can either click directly on the app and delete it from the home screen and all its data will be deleted, or go into your general settings and go into manage storage, you will be able to see the major hogs of data here, and delete as you see fit. The nice benefit of the upgrade of IOS 10 is that it gives you the ability to delete the apps that were programmed into the cell phone, such as Stocks, Facetime, and Game Center. Treat this step as a digital spring cleaning, getting rid of the things you know you don’t need, will leave ample room for the things you do.

Delete Messages

Most iPhones have the phone preset to keep messages forever. This means every message you have ever sent or received from the day you got your cell phone is still present, unless you have manually deleted it. While you may like to save all the funny and meaningful conversations with loved ones, it might be time to some of those go, i.e. let go of that conversation about that dog in the striped sweater 2 years ago. Go into your messages and set how long you would like to keep messages. You have the option of days, months, or even a full year. Once you do this, it will purge all messages that go longer than that period of time. This will free up loads of space and will let you live in the present.

This is just the start of this data blog series. If you have tried these tips and still have no room left on your cell phone, come to our cell phone repair shop in Peoria!