For nearly all of us, our phones have become a lifeline for every aspect of our lives. They are the way that we stay connected to friends, family, and our favorite celebrities; the means of handling our finances; the place where we keep our most important information; and the thing that provides us hours of entertainment. There is hardly a moment that we don’t have our phones on us or nearby. So, when our phones are no longer working, it’s easy to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and anxious. 

Thankfully, for those in the Peoria area, you have Fix My Gadget! We are certified phone repair and iPhone repair techs who offer affordable, timely, and convenient repair for those moments when your device isn’t working. Here are a few tips from the pros about what you should do or what could be happening with your phone if it isn’t turning on. 

Why Isn’t My Phone Turning On?

Though it’s easy to assume the worst, a phone that isn’t turning on may not be as damaged or broken at all. Here are some things you should know if your phone won’t turn on. 

Make Sure It Really Is Charged

We know — this seems like an obvious solution that you probably have already thought of. However, it’s always best to look at all of the possible issues with your phone. If your phone isn’t turning on make sure it really is as charged as you think it is. 

Make Sure Your Battery Is Fully Charged

Sometimes it’s not a matter of your phone not being charged but it not being charged enough. If your phone needs to be charged, charge it to 100%. Though how much a phone is charged isn’t always the issue, phones always function better when they are nearly or fully charged. 

Check the Cord, Charging Block, Etc.

If you did charge your phone but it’s still not turning on, be sure to check if the cord, charging block, and even the wall outlet are working properly. Try a different outlet, cord, and block and see if your phone shows its charging. It could be that your phone is perfectly fine. 

Force Restart

If your phone isn’t turning on and it should be completely charged, you may need to force restart it. Force restarting may help to eliminate any current hang ups that may be preventing your phone from turning on. 

It Might Be Your Phone’s Charging Jack

If you’re sure that your phone should be completely charged, you could check to see if the charging jack or port might be going bad on your phone. Plug in your charging cord and wiggle it around to see if your phone responds when the jack is at certain positions. There still may be a chance that your cord is bad, but if your charging cord jack can wiggle around in your phone, there is also a chance that the charging port needs to be replaced. 

There May Be Other Damage

Phones are built to take a beating with our mobile lifestyles. However, there is a time when your phone can not take any more abuse or use. If your phone still isn’t turning on, there may be another issue such as water damage or hardware problems. 

No matter what you think is wrong, if your phone isn’t working you can always bring it in to Fix My Gadget. Our techs can easily diagnose the issue before you commit to having us fix it. We understand that when your phone isn’t working properly that you need to understand what’s wrong before you decide what to do next. With Fix My Gadget, we offer affordable prices, quick turnaround times, a complimentary loaner phone while yours is being fixed, and excellent customer experience to make an inconvenient situation less of a pain. Visit our website to learn more!