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How Much Will Replacing My Screen Cost?

We’ve all been there. We’ve been in a hurry or focused on other things and dropped our phones, and they landed face side down. We pick up our phones hoping for luck to be on our side only to discover a cracked or a completely shattered phone screen.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix? 

The next question that is undoubtedly running through our heads is “how much will it cost.” Fixing a broken phone screen will depend on not only the type of phone you have, but also if there was any additional damage to your phone. The best way to know much you should expect to pay to repair your phone is to call us or bring it in for repair. We can always give you an idea of how much it will cost before you commit to having it repaired by us. What’s more, we always offer competitive prices. 

What Should You Do If You’re Phone Screen Breaks

Whether you’re worried about paying for repairs, you’re busy, or you’ve simply put off bringing in your phone (we understand that it’s an inconvenience), it’s easy to wait to get your screen repaired. However, we suggest that you bring it in right away to avoid other damage. Additionally, here are a few things to do after your phone breaks:

Weigh Your Options

Though we offer phone repair, we understand that sometimes it’s best just to buy a new phone. When do you know if it’s time for a new phone? The best way to determine that is to think about your phone’s age, if it has any other issues, and how much it will cost to fix versus how much a new phone will cost. In many cases, repairing your current phone is less expensive than buying a new one — especially if it’s just your screen that’s broken. 

Know If Your Phone Has Insurance

Many times when you buy a new phone, you can also buy insurance for it. With the excitement of a new phone and checking out its new “bells and whistles” it’s easy to forget whether you bought insurance for it or not. Be sure to look into it if you don’t know if it’s something you have because it may help you pay for a new screen for your phone. 

Use It As Little As Possible

Most of us spend a lot of time on our phones whether we are texting with friends, checking out the latest TikToks, or taking another picture of our pet. However, when your screen is broken, try to limit the amount of time you spend handling your phone. Not only can additional damage occur but the broken glass could cut your hand. 

Whether this is the first, second, or tenth time you’ve broken your phone screen, know that the repair techs at Fix My Gadget in Peoria have your back. We offer affordable, certified repair service and can help you get your phone working again. What’s more, you never have to be without a phone while yours is being repaired with a complimentary loaner phone. Visit our website to get deals on your phone repair and to get your phone fixed right away!