One of the most irritating situations to be in as a smartphone owner is to get calls or text messages from an unwanted number. Previously, there was no way to block phone numbers on the iPhone. However, with the release of iOS 7 in 2013 and continuing at this point with iOS 8, it is possible to do this.

If you have received a call, text or picture message from someone you simply want nothing to do with, you can block the number and not worry about being bothered in the future. Go into your list of recent callers by accessing the Phone app and pressing the Recent tab. You will notice an “i” inside a circle icon beside the numbers in the list. Click on that and you will be taken to a new screen that offers a number of options for what you can do with a specific number. If you scroll way down to the bottom, you will see an option of “Block this Caller,” which will allow you to block the number. Afterward, any time this individual attempts to call or text you, it won’t go through and you will be spared.

If you have additional questions regarding blocking numbers on iPhones, contact uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, for further assistance.