There’s nothing quite like having a full battery charge on your phone to give you peace of mind. If you’re out running errands, simple things like listening to music, getting directions, or browsing the internet while waiting in line can lead to feelings of anxiety if your phone battery is low: “What if my phone dies and I get into an accident and can’t call anyone for help?”

While there are plenty of people out there with phone chargers in their car for circumstances just like this, what do you do when your phone won’t charge? When you plug in the cable and that recognizable buzz telling you that its charging doesn’t happen? Don’t stress out! There are several methods to try that can help get your phone charging and your pulse to slow down.

At Fix My Gadget, we’re passionate about helping people in situations just like these. If your phone isn’t charging when you plug in the cable, or if it isn’t holding a charge, get in touch with our cell phone repair experts in Peoria. We offer a variety of gadget repair services, including iPhones, laptops and computers, game consoles, and more. Whatever issue you’re facing, you can count on us to take care of it quickly and affordably.

How to Fix a Phone That’s Not Charging

Check the Charging Cable

The cable itself could be the culprit. There are several components to the cable that could get damaged and prevent electricity from flowing to the cell phone, including power connection pins and the cord itself could become frayed. If the cord you’ve been using is noticeably damaged, it’s time to purchase a new one. Not only could it be the reason your phone isn’t charging, but it can also be dangerous.

Clean the Charging Port

This is one of the most common reasons why a phone isn’t charging. Small particles of dirt, dust, and other debris can easily get inside the charging port, preventing the tight connection that allows the phone to charge. If you frequently keep your phone in your pocket, have a job that is outdoors, or like certain activities that are outdoors, there is a great chance that the charging port will get clogged with dirt.

To clean a charging port, there are several items you can try using to scrub at the inside of the port with:

  • A toothpick
  • A dull pin
  • A clean, soft toothbrush
  • A Q-tip with some of the cotton removed

Whatever you use, make sure that it is clean and not too sharp. The last thing you want to do is damage the sensors inside the port. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own, visit a cell phone repair service like Fix My Gadget.

Clear the Device Cache

If the hardware all seems to be working fine and you have tried cleaning out the charging port and your phone still isn’t charging, it may have something to do with the software or settings on the phone. Clearing the cache is a way to remove unwanted settings or files that can get in the way of the phone charging. Go into your Settings – iPhone Storage – tap Enable – then Offload Unused Apps.

Try Restarting

Restarting your phone essentially does the same thing as clearing the phone’s cache. It can help fix software glitches that are preventing the charge as well as other operations that might be running in the background.

Install Software Updates

Software updates are there for a reason: to make sure that your phone is running as efficiently as possible. Outdated software may be preventing the device from charging. Go into your Settings – General – Software Update, and check if there are any new updates that haven’t been installed yet. Installing updates generally requires the phone to restart, so if you haven’t tried restarting your phone yet, this may be a good method to try first.

Replace Your Battery

If none of these methods have worked, it may be the battery itself that is at fault. This method, however, should only be done by a professional cell phone technician. They will make sure the correct battery is used, that the old one is taken out, and the new one is installed without damaging other components of the phone.

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