The Selfie Generation would be quick to extol the many advantages of having quick and easy access to a camera at all times of the day; it’s just second nature for many young Americans to use their camera as much, if not more, than the phone itself. But we’re willing to bet that even the teens and tweens of the modern age, don’t put their cell phone cameras to their best and fullest use.

As Peoria’s choice for expert cell phone repair, we scoured the internet for the best apps and the most creative ways to use that handy-dandy camera. Check out the variety of apps and uses that we bet you didn’t know existed:

  1. Search out relevant information – So, you’re at your local art gallery or museum and you’ve fallen in love with a new art installation. You would love to find out more about the artist or if the very expensive creation is available as a print for you to own. With the Google Goggles app, you can simply snap a pic of the canvas or sculpture and receive information regarding the piece and the artist and whether it’s available at a price you can afford. Find information on just about any product, location or public art at any time.
  2. Keep records of receipts and documents with ease – Snap a picture of that receipt from the office supply store and many apps can quickly convert it into a searchable PDF for record-keeping.
  3. Shop online while still in the store – The most frustrating part of shopping brick and mortar stores is not being able to comparison shop in the same way you would while online. Well, Amazon has changed all of that. Their Price Check by Amazon App allows you to simply take a picture of a product’s bar code and locate it on Amazon if available. This handy little tool lets you avoid paying too much by simply buying it online, or by negotiating the price in-store.
  4. Test out paint colors – When it comes to redecorating, changing the color of your walls can be intimidating. Knowing whether the color palette works is key to making the right choices. Behr’s ColorSmart app lets you preview your color choices in a variety of settings, but also lets your custom match your wall color to any object through their photo-match tool.