If you’ve recently dropped your phone and cracked your screen, or if you’ve let it go for a short swim, you may be wondering what your next step is to have a working phone — is it time to repair or replace? Whether it is time to repair or replace your phone is an age old question that unfortunately doesn’t have a clear-cut answer that will apply to every situation. Ultimately, whether you repair or replace your phone is up to you. However, on the Fix My Gadget blog, we will be offering you thoughts to consider which may make it easier to decide what to do the next time your phone is on the chopping block. 

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Should I Repair Or Replace?

When it comes to knowing if it is cheaper to repair or replace your phone, the best place to start is to take your phone to phone repair experts like those at Fix My Gadget. Sometimes, it might be better to repair your phone, and other times, it might be best to replace it. It just depends on the extent of the damage and if you are due for an upgrade. However, here are some things to consider as you decide.

How Broken Is It?

There are times when you crack the screen of your phone and it will most likely survive, and there are times when your phone has been obliterated. If your phone has sustained massive damage and isn’t working reliably it might be time to replace it. Often, getting your phone to the phone repair techs as soon as possible can prevent further damage and allow you to enjoy a less expensive repair. So, no matter the damage, call us right away!

Is It Reliable?

The whole point of having a mobile phone is to have a working phone that you can rely on anywhere at any time. If your phone won’t be reliable even with repairs or will add additional inconvenience to your life then, if possible, it might be better to replace it than repair. The certified repair technicians at Fix My Gadget can run diagnostics on your phone and provide you a clear idea of what kind of future you and your phone can enjoy together if you decide to fix it. Often, the repair is less expensive and can allow you to enjoy a reliable phone easily.

You Hate Your Phone

We’ve all been there where we have bought the next up-and-coming phone on the market and it falls short of our expectations. If your current phone isn’t your favorite then it might be time to say “goodbye.” However, fixing it and trading it in for something else might be the best option when it comes to replacing your phone due to no longer liking it. If you have questions about how your phone works, our technicians might be able to help. We would love to help you understand how fixing your phone might help you get the most out of it!

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