It’s almost summer. Is your iPhone ready?

We can finally shake off the chilly blahs and break out the short pants and sandals. Of course, that also means we aren’t sporting our big coats/jackets with all those nifty pockets either. And that means some of us don’t have any secure place to stash our gadgets.

Take a look at some tips for your iPhone this summer.

When the summer season begins, there’s an uptick in two big iPhone problems: overheating and water damage.

It’s not uncommon to accidentally leave your iPhone in your hot car while you’re shopping, or to drop it in the ocean or the pool.

We want to help you be prepared for both of these scenarios so you can enjoy a stress-free summer!

1. Don’t Leave Your iPhone In A Hot Car

The main problem you can run into when your iPhone gets too hot is battery damage. Although most iPhone battery problems are software-related, an iPhone that’s left too hot for too long can experience battery issues.

2. Even Water-Resistant iPhones Are Only Protected Up To 3 Feet Deep! (1 Meter)

You may have heard that water damage is bad for iPhones. Just kidding — everybody knows that. But it’s true that water damage can cause all sorts of different problems on your iPhone. If your iPhone gets too wet, it can be toast!

One great way to help prevent your iPhone from being exposed to water is to carry it in a waterproof case whenever you’re heading to the pool or your local beach.

Have A Great Summer!

We hope you have an excellent summer full of great adventures.