Finally, The time we’ve waited for so very patiently is finally within grasp. Summer. The season of outdoor adventures, beach trips, lake excursions and frosty beers and tall fruity cocktails. There exists a hidden danger among all this frivolity and fun however: the risks of a shortened lifespan for your dear cell phone.

With water damage continuing to be one of the most prevalent causes of death to cell phones, it is obvious that summer and all its wet activities would be a time of serious concern to smart phone owners of all types. Though there are several phone manufacturers that are now promoting waterproof cell phones, their ability to repel water damage is still limited. Protection against spills on the table and dunks into the toilet is possible but it still remains to be seen just how long your phone can b submerged without giving up the ghost; making safekeeping still just as important as it ever was.

At our location in Peoria, we have been fielding questions regarding waterproofing aides like Flash Flood and Liquipel for as long as they’ve been available. Where testing has proven the viability of these products to waterproof your phone, they don’t protect against full submersion.

It’s also extremely important to remember that if you should drop your phone into water, that you turn it off and leave it off until you can get it into be analyzed by one of uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, expert technicians. We have the expertise and knowledge of all cell and smart phones; enabling us to help you recover whenever you drop your phone, in water or elsewhere.