At uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, in Peoria, we believe if the phone can be fixed, you should hold onto it a bit longer. Our cell phone repair will save you time and money. Stop by and see us if you feel your phone is on the fritz; we will do everything in our power to get it back up and running, but we will also inform you if a replacement will be more beneficial to you.

Repair VS. Replace

You want to upgrade because a new phone has hit the market.

In this instance, you should keep the phone you already have and repair whatever may be the issue. Many are intrigued by the shiny new screen and design of cell phones, but getting your cell phone repaired will save you a hefty upgrade fee if it isn’t your phone’s time yet.

You Ran out of Storage

If you keep getting the screen that says “needs more storage,” there are things you can attempt before getting a brand new phone. The first thing is to get everything off the phone you don’t use or need. Moving pictures to a computer instead of your phone will save a lot of space if you have been using your cell phone as a camera. If your phone has the availability, purchasing more storage space is also an option. Try to remove things first before you invest money into the cell phone. If none of those things work, come see our cell phone repair team in Peoria for the best advice.

Cracked Screen

Depending on how damaged the screen is will dictate whether you should replace it. Most times, we at uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, can get your screen in great condition in no time. Fixing the screen is going to be less expensive and a faster fix in the long run.

Check our next blog for more tips on repair versus replacement of your cell phone, and always call us or come visit us in Peoria for all your cell phone needs!