When it comes to things we invest in, we usually take very good care of them. Things like our house, car, designer bags, and computers are items we take pride in and want to always be in tip-top shape. Your cell phone should be no different.

When it comes to having a cell phone, we are so used to it by now that the novelty of its value has fallen by the wayside. We throw it around in our purses, briefcases, and other areas. Then we wonder how we break them so easily. At uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, in Peoria, we are your number one cell phone repair shop. We want to always have your phone running smoothly and efficiently for all your daily needs. However, we also want you to be aware of your phone and how to take better care of it.

Remember where you put it

Some of us lose our cell phones so often that it has just become part of the routine. Don’t be one of these people anymore. Pay attention to where you leave your cell phone. This will help you know where it is at all times and prevent it from getting broken. Placing it on a solid surface is always good practice. Also, never have your phone near liquids and foods since this can cause severe damage.

Be mindful where you use it

When you are trying to multitask and talk on your cell phone at the same time, this is an equation for disaster. If you become distracted, you may drop it, see it crash to the ground, and feel instant sadness. Don’t let this scene play out in reality. If you are talking on your cell phone, focus on just that. If you are doing the dishes, or anything else, focus on that. If you must talk on your phone while you are completing other tasks, use the speaker and make sure it is away from water or anything else that can harm your cell phone.

Don’t use it everywhere

We are really driving this point home, but don’t use your phone in certain situations. Many people, as gross as it may be, use their cell phones in the bathroom. This is never a good idea for a plethora of reasons. Our main point is that the phone can easily be dropped and smash, or go into the toilet or fall into the sink. Keep your phone away from dangerous areas. Stick to using your cell phone in your home, vehicle, or other places that seem appropriate for having conversations.

At Fix My Gadget in Peoria, we always want your cell phone to be functioning and providing you service. If your phone ever does crash the ground, fall into a toilet, or gets dropped in your soup, we are here to help you. Call us for your cell phone repairs today!