When we think of our phones, we probably forget they aren’t actually attached to our bodies. In the 21st century, the cell phone has become almost like a life force. We are using cell phones constantly to communicate, explore the internet, and even play games. The cell phone is the smallest laptop yet.

However much we love our phone, we are always on the brink of tears when we know it’s going to need repair, or to die, and we don’t have a charger in sight. In some of our previous blogs, we have discussed what tips and tricks to use to help conserve the battery on your iPhone or other cell phones. This time, we are going to discuss which applications drain your battery the most, and yes, it’s the ones you love dearly.

uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, wants you to be aware of the apps that will use the life of your cell phone more than any others. It’s important to have this information so you are aware that these apps need to always be closed after you are done using them. This will ensure your phone will still be running smoothly, and your Candy Crush won’t crash on level 81.


Snapchat was able to take the simple selfie to the next generation. This app though uses not only a lot of battery but also memory. It’s the best of the worst, so to speak. So just be mindful of how many puppy pictures you’re actually talking and maybe hold off on those butterfly selfies, or at least the close the app when you’re done.


Boy, do we love Netflix. It is the ultimate streaming device for most TV and movies. The best part; we can watch it anywhere! Whether it be at lunch at work, the airport, waiting for a date, you will never have to miss an episode of Stranger Things. Because this app affects the screens display it really consumes the battery. Tip: Turn the Brightness down, it won’t change the effect of the flickering Christmas lights, we promise.


Facebook is something that we all know we are a little bit addicted to (just admit it). This is how we communicate, share funny memes, and post political rants. Maybe you should think twice about posting that next article about national donut day, as Facebook is using a ton of battery and storage, much like Snapchat. Make sure you always close the app, because this one is a drainer for sure.

Hopefully, these tips from uBreakiFix formerly Fix My Gadget, will save you from the dreaded panic when you see that battery bar goes to red on your cell phone. We have all the tips and tricks to help you. If that doesn’t work, bring in your cell phone for repair. We can always check out what’s wrong, and make sure we get it working well as new again. We repair all types of phones with cracked screens, water damage, or in this case, battery repair. Give us a call, unless your phone is actually broken, then just walk right in!