There are few times where a cell phone is more needed than during an emergency. No, not the “I can’t find my car keys” type of “emergency”. We mean natural disaster or personal tragedy types of emergencies that make your cell phone a beacon of hope or an instrument of survival. But all cell phone users should understand and stick to recommended practices of using phones during an emergency, in order to ensure that their calls are more likely to get through to family or friends. Remember, patience and persistence will be required as many people will be trying to place calls at the same time. As Peoria’s favorite source for cell phone repair, our focus is always aimed at ensuring that you’ll always have your cell phone or gadget when you need it the most.

Try to always remember the following during emergency situations:

  • Avoid making non-essential phone calls – Tying up the lines for anything but necessary communication is simply rude and inconsiderate during disasters of any scale. Keep the number of calls you make to the bare minimum.
  • Keep it short – Resist the temptation of giving your family member a complete narration of the situation at hand. Let them know your safety status, relaying what help you are in need of and get off the phone.
  • Text instead of call – One well-timed text can sometimes relay more information than a phone call and leave more access to more people. Texts may also get through when a phone call cannot. If you have access to email, using that forum to communicate also helps free up other networks.
  • Keep your contact list up-to-date – Make sure that your most important numbers are current and keep emergency response contacts easily accessible.
  • Designate a common contact – It commonly happens that when a disaster strikes, communication lines within a community are most affected. Designate a family member outside of the area, that all connected friends or families call or text during an emergency so that all parties know that the other is safe without having to make several unnecessary calls.