If you have recently dropped your phone in the toilet or your computer blue screened, you are probably feeling pretty desperate to get them fixed — and understandably so! So, what should you do next and who should you trust with your phone repair or computer repair needs? 

Fix My Gadget is here to help you fix your computer and your phone when disaster strikes. However, why bring it to us? Read the Fix My Gadget blog to learn more about what we can offer you when you trust us with the repair of your devices. Visit our website to learn more about our services. 

Choosing Your Device Repair Specialist

When your device isn’t working, there are a lot of different people or companies that may offer help. But you shouldn’t just trust your phone or computer to anyone. You should only entrust it to certified sources, and those that can help you take as much of the convenience out of the situation as possible — that’s why so many of our customers in Peoria choose us! 

Master Certified Technicians

Anyone can get a set of the right tools to unscrew the back of your phone or computer and take a look inside but you don’t want just anyone poking around. You need certified, experienced technicians who know what they’re doing and can do it right — and catch any additional issues. 

Authorized Repair Center

An authorized repair center can ensure your peace of mind that you are having the experts work on your device. At Fix My Gadget, we take great pride in offering our customers access to the best technicians and we stay up-to-date with all new devices and repair techniques so you can rest assured that you are getting the best service possible. 

Fast Turnaround Times & Convenient Service

When your phone breaks or your computer seems to be on the fritz, the last thing you need is to send your device away and wait for weeks to have it fixed and returned to you. We do everything we can to offer our customers fast turnaround times and take as much “inconvenience” out of an inconvenient situation as possible. We do this by offering loaner devices when possible and by timely completing your repairs. We even offer emergency service! 

Affordable Repair Service 

We always offer affordable phone repair or computer repair. Sometimes repairing a device can be expensive but we never charge unnecessary fees or cost. As your Peoria’s Top Rated Loca® phone and computer repair expert, we can offer you competitive prices to get your phone, computer, or other device back up and working as soon as we can. 

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