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How Water Damage Can Slowly Hurt Performance Over Time

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Have you ever jumped into a pool while you still had your phone in your pocket? Have you ever spilled a glass of water onto your laptop? Even if you haven’t you can still understand how water damage can potentially ruin many different kinds of electronic devices. They’re generally not constructed to thrive in these circumstances and, even if they are built to be water resistant, can still face some crucial issues when exposed to moisture. Why exactly does moisture have such a huge impact on electronics? Let Fix My Gadget explain:


Corrosion is a long-term problem when it comes to your electronics. It is hard to determine exactly what kind of effects it might have on your devices or when it will render them unusable. But, the fact of the matter is that it means that your device is slowly breaking down internally. 

A Connection Where There Shouldn’t Be One

The main way that water immediately damages electronics that are turned on when exposed to moisture is that water can conduct electricity. When it comes into contact with a system that is powered on, it essentially floods the device with connections that should not exist, causing a short circuit and often severely damaging the device.


Be Careful When Dealing With Water Damage

Obviously, dealing with water damaged electronics is a frustrating and delicate process. You run the risk of doing even more damage in the process. While we certainly recommend bringing it to the experts, we know that isn’t always viable. Just make sure to do your research, use the right tools, and definitely don’t just throw the device into a bag of rice. 


Slowing Things Down

It might not be immediately noticeable that your device has been damaged by moisture, but it can definitely reveal itself through slowing down processes in your electronic devices. Electronics are carefully crafted and any interruption in their general power or process flow can impact how quickly they function – like a runner with a bad knee.


It may seem like you would have to drop your phone into a pool of water in order for it to have such a large effect on your electronic devices. But, the truth of the matter is that even small amounts of moisture can take a heavy toll on them over a period of time if not addressed properly.

If you’re having problems with your electronics and need phone repair in Peoria, IL, let Fix My Gadget take a look. We’ll use our expertise to get your machines back up and running as quickly as possible and at an affordable price!

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