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Top 5 Products Fix My Gadget Repairs: Phones, Tablets, Computers and More!

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Many of our electronics have become an extension of ourselves. It’s borderline impossible to get through the day without access to a phone or laptop. The frustrating thing is that these devices are often fragile and generally prone to technical issues. That’s why we started an electronics repair service for Peoria, IL where we can help our customers with electronic solutions. Here are a few of the types of devices that we work with.

blank cell phone

Phone Repair

Let’s face it – many of our lives revolve around our phones. We carry these devices on us like they are part of us and often feel naked without them. So when your phone starts experiencing issues, you’re going to want to sort them out quickly and get back in contact with the world. Book a session with us and we’ll get to the bottom of your problems.

Personal Computer Repair

Many people rely on their PCs in order to make their living. When an issue arises, it can literally impact your well-being. Our team of experts know the ins and outs of how computers operate and we can diagnose and repair almost any issue that you can throw at them. From basic virus issues to more complicated hardware problems, we will do everything in our power to get one of your most crucial devices back up and running. 

laptop broken
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Gaming Device Repair

Gaming technology is getting more awe-inspiring as the years go by. Between console, PC, and even virtual reality systems, these pieces of tech are getting increasingly complex and include equally complex systems. We can take a look under the hood and get you back online and in the game as quickly as possible. Check out our specific gaming services!

Tablet and iPad Repair

Tablets have become an important part of millions of people’s lives. Whether someone is older and building a literary collection on their iPad or a child is getting their first exposure to computer gaming, tablets are an incredibly popular and mainstream device. Many of them are very delicate, so when you are having trouble be sure to bring them to a team with a delicate touch and a deep knowledge of tech repair.

phone battery

Unnatural or Excess Noise

When it comes to electronics, repairing or replacing batteries can be a confusing nightmare. If you don’t do it correctly or use the correct type of battery, you run the risk of not only ruining the battery itself, but potentially destroying the device that it powers. Fortunately we are quite familiar with these issues and the power needs of a wide variety of electronics. If you’re unsure about your product, bring it to the best


If your electronics are having problems, we’re sure that you are as well. So, let Fix My Gadget take a peek under the hood and repair your phone and other devices. We’ll use our expertise to get your machines back up and running as quickly as possible for a cheaper price than our competitors!

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