When a laptop is dead, it does not turn on. This can be extremely frustrating — especially when you need to use it and it just sits there — completely lifeless. Fortunately, a dead laptop can be fixed. The issue is usually caused by battery or power supply problems that can be identified and addressed with the help of a tech expert.

If you have a malfunctioning or “dead” laptop, there’s no need to worry. Fix My Gadget is the premier repair shop in Peoria, IL, and we will see to it that your laptop lives again. We also have step-by-step guides that can assist you with solving minor computer and phone repair problems. Keep reading to learn more.

Verifying a laptop malfunction

Verifying Laptop Malfunction

What happens when you try powering on your laptop — Does it show any signs of life? If there is no LED light, no bios, zero beeps, and the charging light does not indicate that there is power, you may have a dead laptop..

However, before you presume your laptop to be dead, try one or all of these solutions;

  • Try plugging the charger into a different socket to confirm that the other socket is working.
  • Borrow a charger similar to yours and try using it instead. This is an easy way to ensure your charger is not the problem.

If your laptop indicates only the charging LED, starts for a second, then shuts down, the problem might be the BIOS software.

steps to fix dead laptops

Steps to Fix Dead Laptops

As long as your laptop’s motherboard is in good condition, then it can be fixed. The following steps will help you check to confirm if it is fixable or not:

  1. Unplug your laptop battery
  2. Connect it to a charger
  3. Press and hold the power button

If your pc starts working, it’s fine. If not, you have to seek help from an expert.

The possible solution

The Possible Solution

Unless you have confirmed your motherboard is dead, fixing your laptop is possible, realistic, and should not pose many challenges. Fix My Gadget addresses not only your computer and laptop repairs but also iPhone repairs. If you aren’t able to fix it on your own, it’s time you make an appointment with us and let us restore your device to proper working order.

Your laptop can work perfectly again thanks to Fix My Gadget in Peoria, IL. We are the trusted source for phone and computer repairs and enjoy solving any problems you may have with your devices. We also teach you how to maintain your gadgets and what to do when you see certain alarming signs. Interested in learning more or need help with a malfunctioning phone or laptop? Contact Fix My Gadget today!


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