Are you wondering whether it is okay to leave a dead battery in your laptop? Although you might not be able to get a new battery right away, it’s best if  you don’t leave a dead battery in your computer since it puts your computer at risk. Laptops receive power through an AC adapter, and the battery serves as backup whenever the outlet is unavailable. Any disruption of this will affect the startup.

There is so much about phone issues and laptop and computer repairs that can be learned by visiting Fix My Gadget. Today we’re going to provide relevant information that will help you understand the effects of leaving a dead battery in your laptop. Keep reading to learn more.

Risk of dead laptop batteries

Risk of Dead Laptop Batteries

There are many things that you should understand about the risk that dead batteries pose. For instance:

  • Dead batteries are dangerous and can harm your laptop computer. It is the same as when a dead phone battery is left in the phone and it bursts. The only solution is to seek phone repair. Once the battery fails significantly or the charging circuit has issues, there is a higher chance that it will explode.
  • With age, all batteries degrade and have a reduced charge capacity compared to when they were new. However, proper management techniques can help your laptop/computer battery last longer.
  • If your battery isn’t working properly or holding its charge, you should be careful not to leave it in the laptop. Instead, attach the charger and have it plugged into the wall socket until you get a new battery.

Identifying dead batteries

Identifying Dead Batteries

How do you know if the cause of your computer issues are due to a dead battery or something else? Look for the following signs to see if your battery is still healthy or if it needs to be replaced.

  • Power It: Connect your machine to an external power source and locate the battery icon in the system tray. Place the cursor on the icon and if it reads “plugged in, charging,” your battery is fine and healthy. However, if it shows “plugged in, not charging,” the battery is not receiving the charge and is probably dead.
    Another case is when it indicates “X,” which means Windows does not detect the battery, implying it is defective.
  • Clean Your Battery: Before you opt to buy a new one, inspect your battery by removing any dust or dirt on it. Don’t forget to include the metal contacts that help charge it. If nothing changes after you’ve cleaned it, then it’s probably dead.
  • Run a Test: There are several simple programs designed to test battery health. Try one of them to perform a battery diagnosis.

next steps for a dead battery

Next Steps For a Dead Battery

Battery failure does not mean your laptop is damaged; therefore, you may not need computer repair. However, batteries age and lose their ability to hold a charge; hence you should replace your old battery with a new one.

It is normal for a battery to die, and when that time comes, the only option is to replace it. However, if you think your battery is still okay, you can always consult a specialist.

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