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Signs It’s Time To Have Your Computer Repaired

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Everyone loves  it when their computers are working fine. However, there are instances when things go wrong. Though you might be able to fix minor problems, some are beyond your knowledge and computer skills. Such times are when you need a computer expert. Fix My Gadget offers various solutions for commonly encountered computer issues. We also answer frequently asked questions on computer repair. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the common signs it may be time to have your computer repaired. Keep reading and then contact Fix My Gadget and let us know how we can help.

Image of a man typing on a computer with a blank screen

Failure to Power On

If you have charged your battery fully and then press the power button but the screen fails to wake, something is wrong. In other instances, you may have it plugged in, but your computer still doesn’t work at all. In instances such as these, you likely need to reach out to a tech expert. A healthy computer should shut down and startup with zero problems.

Slower Than Normal

As a computer ages, it tends to run slower than when it is new. That happens naturally as you save more files, install more programs, or use it for extended periods. However, if it slows down abruptly or takes a long time to load web browsers or programs, it's time to have it checked.

A computer needs healthy software and hardware to run normally. Slowing down maybe as a result of a virus attack or failure of the RAM or CPU


Image of a woman sitting at her laptop with her hands in the air looking frustrated
An image of someone working on a disassembled laptop computer

Unnatural or Excess Noise

A healthy computer will remain relatively silent. Computers made for heavy gaming have a natural, mild fan noise. You might experience fan or hard drive buzz at times, but anything beyond that is not normal. If you notice something unusual about the sound repeatedly, your computer needs maintenance.

Flash Lines on the Screen

Physical damage is another issue worth addressing. For example, if you notice strange flashing lines appearing on your computer screen, it's an indication that your graphics card might be failing.

Such system components like graphic cards are essential for certain computer models, and failure to identify this problem may crash your system.


Image of a laptop with a damaged screen
Image of someone fixing the motherboard on a laptop

Computer Heating Up

When you notice your laptop or computer heating up more than usual, or it is too hot to touch, it is a sign that there is a problem with the cooling system that needs to be addressed. Failure to have it addressed could impact your motherboard or damage your battery.

To avoid damaging your computer beyond repair, pay special attention to any unusual signs. Some signs are clear and can be identified easily while others may not be so easy to detect or remedy. Fix My Gadget in Peoria, IL, is happy to help with all of your computer repairs and maintenance. We have a highly skilled team available to guide you with issues not only related to laptop repair but also iPhone repairs, and much more. Call today and let us know how we can help!

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