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Signs of a Broken USB Port

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Have you ever been in a situation where you need to transfer some important files from your computer, but your USB port isn’t working? It can be frustrating. When you swiftly or repeatedly remove and insert a USB drive or hard drive from a laptop, the USB port is more likely to stop responding, necessitating laptop repair.

Once your computer port gets to this point, it doesn’t recognize any USB device and fails to work. This makes it even harder to carry on with your daily tasks. However, at Fix My Gadget, we have experienced computer experts to help you replace or fix your broken USB ports. 
Here are three ways to know if your USB port is broken.

An image of a laptop that has sustained significant physical damage

The Port Is Physically Damaged

Physical damage is one of the most common signs of a broken port. The port may have been hit and cracked internally, thereby failing to detect devices like flash drives, music players, digital cameras, or cell phones.
USB ports are typically soldered to the motherboard. Unfortunately, these ports aren't permanent, and so with regular usage they can become loose or detach permanently.


Error Messages Keep Popping Up

There are times when you might insert a USB into your computer and get a "USB device not recognized" error message. In that case, you can try several solutions first before you conclude that the port is damaged. For instance, try restarting and disconnecting your USB drives. If this does not work, and you’ve tried other troubleshooting methods, you may need to get your laptop or computer repair done by a specialist.

Red error message on a screen
Image of a flashdrive in a USB port of a laptop

Pro Tip

Before you conclude that your computer USB is broken, ensure the USB and the ports are clean. This is because dirt and dust impair your device's working ability. It’s hard to believe that a few specs of dust could keep your USB port from functioning properly, but in many cases, this easy fix will do the trick!

You may have tried several solutions from the internet to resolve your nagging USB port issue with no success. This might be because there are cases where you need to have it checked by a computer specialist. Visit Fix My Gadget and let us fix your ports for one affordable fee. We have a highly experienced and skilled team ready and at your service. Call today!

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