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Signs You Need Laptop Repair For a Broken Screen

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A screen can be termed broken if there is a sign of physical damage. Laptop Screens are expensive and it can be overwhelming when you notice that yours doesn't work as intended. Most people think that the only time their laptop screen can break is when the laptop is dropped. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. In today’s blog from Fix My Gadget, we’ll help you recognize some of the common signs your laptop may need repair.

An image of a laptop with a broken screen

The Screen Is Cracked

This is the most common sign of a broken screen. It is clear and visible that your laptop screen has a crack in it which in turn causes a blooming display, specifically in black patterns. If you notice multiple lines, flickering, or distortion, then the issue is that there might be a defective cable inside the display and not necessarily a cracked screen


Experiencing a Blank Screen

Have you ever shut off your laptop and when you switch it on the next time, nothing displays at all? That is called a blank screen. Fixing a blank screen can be both easy or hard. Sometimes it is caused by such factors as loose cords, which are easy to fix with proper guidelines. A broken screen can also cause this issue. In this case, you’ll need to contact Fix My Gadget and book a laptop repair appointment with us.

Image of a man working on a laptop with a blank screen
Image of a laptop with a white screen

Frequent Backlight Issues

Most often, backlight issues are associated with a blown fuse. However, a broken screen can also cause such failures. The breakage may have interfered with the backlight connectors or wires. This is a sign of a defective screen, and your computer will need repair.

Distorted Images and Resolution Lines

These are typical defects that are visible depending on what exactly was broken. They are also associated with bleeding colors and black chunks on your screen. To prove if these issues are the result of a broken screen or internal problems, connect your machine to an external screen. If everything is fine, then your screen is broken.

Image of someone trying to work on a laptop with a damaged screen

Having a broken screen can be stressful, especially when it involves your business laptop and you have lots of work to do. However, when faced with such an issue, contact Fix My Gadget, and we will have your laptop repaired and up and running in no time! Keep in mind that we also offer phone repair services.

Whether you’re experiencing problems with your PC, laptop, or phone, you can count on the qualified experts at Fix My Gadget to help. Call today!

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