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Signs You Need A Memory Upgrade

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Memory is very important in phones, computers, and laptops. It increases the performance speed and makes it easy to transfer data. Fix My Gadget, a repair shop in Peoria, IL, does more than just laptop, computer, and iPhone repairs. We also have educational blogs on different gadget issues. In today’s blog, we will be talking more about signs that show your computer is running out of memory.

Freezing of Computer Programs

The freezing of a computer is when everything stops working, even when it is in safe mode. This is caused by Windows corruption or lack of memory. If your computer keeps freezing, have an expert run some tests on it to determine the cause of this malfunction.

Random Computer Rebooting

Random rebooting is when a computer purposelessly shuts down even when in use. This is probably a RAM issue. Though the computer might work well when restarted, it will likely reboot again if the problem is not fixed.

High Memory Usage

If your computer has more than 65% RAM usage, you should consider upgrading it to avoid freezing or poor performance. Some applications use a greater percentage of the memory than others. Some are important for day-to-day duties; hence you cannot do away with them. In that case, consider upgrading your memory to prevent your computer from slowing down.

Slow When Typing

A computer key should respond promptly when pressed. Delay when typing could be a major indicator of low RAM. At Fix My Gadget, we do computer, phone repair, and laptop repairs and also upgrade memory for these gadgets. Visit our website for more information.

Programs Not Responding

If you open a program and it stops responding, and you have to restart your pc, it is a sign that your memory needs to be upgraded. However, this is not the only possible problem, as lack of response can also be caused by software bugs. You should first consider updating the program or restarting your computer. If these do not work, consider having your hard disk changed.

Sometimes when you think your computer has crashed, it probably just needs a memory upgrade. Consult with a professional technician to avoid inconveniences and to assure that your memory upgrade is done properly. At Fix My Gadget, we offer guidance on how to fix technical problems as well as expert service for tasks such as upgrading memory. Visit our website to learn more or to book an appointment with us.

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