If you have been keeping with our blog, we are giving out great and helpful tips to maintain your Apple computers. If you feel like your computer is on the outs, come visit us in Peoria. Whether you have spilled your favorite latte on it, dropped it onto the pavement, or it just won’t turn on, we can help you with your computer repairs.

Keep following along on this post, as we give you even more tips on how to take care of your Mac computers properly and more efficiently.

Run Disk Utility

You want to run a disk check every so often on your Apple computers. If the scan shows any issues or potential worry, it’s best practice to clean the computer and install the latest version of the operating system.


Most people forget the updates that pop up from Apple: “I don’t have time for these updates” “I can just wait to restart” “I need to finish my show first.”While these all seem like valid excuses, they are not. Do the updates. If you keep putting it off, they begin to pile up and then it’s going to take hours for you to use your Mac again. Update it overnight when you know you don’t need to use it.


Most people believe leaving their Apple laptop plugged into the wall at all times will help preserve the battery life, this is very much the opposite. When you leave your Mac plugged in constantly, it actually is slowly killing your battery, getting you to a point where you can only use the computer when it’s being charged. Charge the Mac to 100 percent and then unplug it. It should last quite a long time and once you see the low battery flashing, that’s when you can plug it back in.

Turn it Off

To bounce off our previous point, don’t leave it running all the time either. Let it die once in awhile, or turn it off yourself. This will protect your battery life and keep your Apple computer running smoothly.

Follow these tips for the best running Mac in all of Peoria! If you run into issues and need a computer repair, come talk to the experts. Keep checking back at our blog for continued tips to care for your Mac.